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A little training everyday is ideal also as and when the opportunity presents itself, i.e.  as your puppy/dog is running towards you then open your arms put a smile on your face and use a word such as 'come' , praising your dog when he/she gets to you.   Remember to try to keep the training short and successful, stopping when you achieve what you set out to do.   Finish on a happy note even if it means going back a step or two with your training.  The messages our dogs get from our body language is very important our voice can be saying one thing and our body something completely different and then we wonder why our dogs do not understand what we want them to do.  Tone of voice is also an important factor, practice using different tones of voice with your dog,  dogs usually have very good hearing so a whisper will get their attention when close to you.     If you are concerned about your puppy or dog's behaviour or training then ask for help, don't wait until things get worse. 


   Habits are being formed from the time you first get your puppy, often this makes it difficult for us to reverse those habits because by the time we see these behaviours as a nuisance or anti-social the pup has learned that it is ok to i.e. jump up, pull on the lead, bark excessively, etc. etc.


  So that we do not constantly say 'NO' to our pups we need to decide from day one what behaviours we will not want when our pup is an adult dog and make the list as short as possible.  Then we need to get a clear idea how to go about showing pup what we want them to do and we need to be very consistent.


With rescue dogs it is not always possible to find out what has happened to the dog before we get them and we need to give them time to get used to us and their new home.  Some rescue dogs will take a long time to adjust to their new life and it takes a lot of patience and understanding on our part to help them.   Some of these dogs will always have issues and we have to learn how to manage them.  What I will say is that taking on a rescue dog is very rewarding but sometimes it is not an easy option.


 If you would like any information on this page about any aspects of dog training and behaviour please let us know  




















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